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Asketik Studio has completed an all-new store concept as part of Camper’s Together project.

The new Moscow location inside Metropolis Mall features a minimalist aesthetic with a clean interior design and maximum functionality.

“I wanted to create something that was familiar to Russian people but was also stylish and modern like in Europe,”exlpains Maxim Maximov. “We have maintained some classic details, like industrial warehouse shelving and the 15×15 white matt tiles that were popular in soviet Moscow supermarkets. Minimum forms and colours were utilized for maximum functionality and utility. Powder-coated metal, concrete flooring, and the prominent use of red represent the small details of our childhood.”

One of the main goals of the interior was to achieve an ideal geometry of the space by using white tiles 15×15.

The task for the construction team was to tile the space without any cut, so they first built one wall, tiled it, and then built the following walls. The metal shelves on the right wall follow not only the size of the tile but also the thickness, which has allowed to obtain the effect of a unified base — the shelves made of tiles on the left wall and the mirrors support this theme. White shelves are equipped with the lighting, so it looks like each pair of shoes is located in own cell.

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